LC-CLEAN Laser cleaning machine

Latest generation of equipment that uses lasers as an industrial cleaning system.

The laser cleaning machine is a really new equipment that uses laser as a pickling system for the removal of rust, coatings, grease, oils or different types of dirt from a surface. It offers a wide range of application possibilities in different industries and sectors. Thanks to the laser we can remove different impurities from different types of surfaces. With our equipment you will carry out contactless and very precise cleanings.

This equipment is 100% committed to the environment: unlike other alternative systems, laser cleaning can work without any type of abrasive or contaminants. In addition, our machines are very easy to operate and they do not require a high level of specialisation worker.

The LC-CLEAN have an integrated control allowing you to configure the speed, the laser output shape and the width of the laser beam. Thus, it is possible to adapt the machine to each job carried out, as well as being able to save parameters for future occasions easily.

At LC Lasers we have classified our laser cleaning equipment according to its power (140W / 200W / 500W). The choice between one power or another will depend on different factors, including the type of work and cleaning to be done.

Parts and features of the laser cleaning machine

Touch screen

The LC-CLEAN laser welding unit's touch screen allows easy and practical operation of the machine's parameters, simplifying its options as much as possible without reducing its capabilities.

Ergonomic, manoeuvrable laser gun

The gun or torch incorporated in the LC-CLEAN Laser cleaning equipment is the most advanced on the market, providing a variety of options unparalleled in the industry.

High safety switch system

The laser welding equipment features a series of switches to turn the machine on and an alarm system for machine control. It is designed for ease of use.

DUAL pushing system

It facilitates the movement and transport of the laser cleaning equipment on level ground. It also has brakes that allow us to immobilise the machine, thus avoiding any type of accident.

Laser resonator

The laser resonator produces the laser light beam, which is directed to the gun by means of a flex with a fibre optic cable. It consists of different powers (200W and 500W).

Laser chiller

The "Chiller" or refrigerator is used to cool the laser resonator and the gun or torch, to maintain a stable temperature in both, as the energy produced gives off remarkable amounts of heat.

Wheels with brakes

It facilitates the movement and transport of the laser cleaning equipment on flat ground... It also has brakes that allow us to immobilise the machine, thus avoiding any type of accident.

Solutions of the laser cleaning machine

Within the laser cleaning sector we can access a wide range of cleaning applications at an incredible speed. From small to large scale projects.

Rust removal

Generally speaking, rust is a process of reaction to oxygen and atmospheric moisture on metal. It is a very common occurrence on machinery, parts, tools, automobiles or other types of metal surfaces. Laser cleaning is a non-contact process that through the power of the laser beam can evaporate impurities and contaminants from a surface without affecting the substrate.

When the material absorbs the energy of the laser beam, it is heated locally and causes the evaporation or sublimation of these impurities that we want to remove, thus removing the rust from a surface.

Paint removal

The laser beam is focused on the material to be cleaned with an energy density slightly higher than the paint ablation threshold, but lower than the ablation threshold of the material to be cleaned. In this way, the paint is removed. This process can be carried out on most metals, although it is mostly carried out on different types of steel or aluminium.

Restoring wine barrels

These barrels are often stored for many years, which can cause corrosion damage to these types of components. We can use laser technology to remove impurities from the metal strips of these old wine barrels in poor condition. This type of metal contains chromium and, when exposed to oxygen, forms a thin invisible layer called chromium oxide. It is also thanks to the laser cleaning system that we can remove this type of impurities.

Restoration of antique parts

The restoration of old parts is an application of laser cleaning that is gaining popularity. LC-CLEAN allows us to set up the laser in a very precise way so as not to damage the part. We will be able to clean rust and impurities caused by the passage of time in a simple way.

Cleaning of plate heat exchangers

The laser cleaning process provides incredible energy savings, increased speed and ensures the integrity of the heat exchanger plates. No contaminants or abrasives are used, making it an environmentally friendly process.

Laser cleaning of automotive parts

Laser cleaning within the automotive sector is an emerging technology that allows for deep and effective cleaning of many materials or car components. It is also suitable for preparing or restoring parts to be used in automotive processes. Some of the most common applications are the cleaning of vehicle coatings or paintwork, the cleaning of engines and components full of grease or oil in order to work on them and extend their useful life.

Laser coating cleaning

This system allows you to safely remove different types of coatings such as paints, material protectors, among other options. The main difference lies in its non-contact and non-abrasive process, i.e., only the laser light touches the material and by means of the energy, the material is heated, which allows the material to be removed. Thus, the substrate we work on remains intact.

Preparation of parts for welding

Laser cleaning makes it possible to remove layers of residue or other contaminants from a metal area to be welded, allowing for a better, stronger and more efficient joint. In addition to preparing materials and surfaces for effective brazing, it is also a good solution for use after metal joining to prepare welds for other treatments without damaging the base or integrity of the weld.

Advantages of laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning equipment is the new generation of high-tech surface cleaning products. They are easy to install, control and implement. They offer quick solutions for big problems.

Laser cleaning equipment is virtually maintenance-free. In addition, the maintenance procedures are very easy to learn with a few simple instructions. This saves costs and time.

This type of technology is known for being environmentally friendly by avoiding chemicals, corrosives or consumables. In addition, it does not generate large pollutants or waste that needs to be recycled in a specific way.

The software is easy to use and is integrated in our equipment. It allows us a wide range of settings to perform each cleaning job. We use a touch screen to set the parameters and start working quickly.

All fibre lasers have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours which allows for a much shorter amortisation than other types of lasers. This gives us more confidence in this type of laser.

Thanks to the advanced laser cleaning system we can remove dirt, grease, oils, paints etc... without damaging the base surface of the object. The material remains intact without any damage.

Avoid consumables typical of other cleaning systems such as shot blasting, sand blasting, dry ice or chemical cleaning. We save on costs, as the consumables of the cleaning machines are very few and specific, no large quantity of consumables is required.

The LC-CLEAN is a state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. This laser machine has internal controls to adjust the speed, the shape of the laser effect or the width of the beam. In this way, the machine can be configured to perform any job, in addition to being able to save parameters for future work in a very simple way.

Thanks to the advanced laser cleaning system we can remove rust, dirt, grease, oils, paints, etc… without damaging the base surface of the object. The material remains intact without suffering any damage.

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