Laser engraving

Versatility of engravings, the CO2 laser allows us to work with different materials with the same machine.

The laser engraving process allows us to make permanent engravings on a range of surfaces or products. The technology is extremely versatile and allows the same device to process a wide range of materials. The laser is guided onto the surface and can remove some of the material, leaving an engraving of the desired shape.

Unlike marking where the marks are visible to the naked eye, but are very shallow and cannot be traced with the finger. Engraving, on the other hand, is deeper, visible to the eye and touch, whereas laser has a deeper effect.

This laser technology allows us to work with a wide range of materials and perform a variety of different jobs. Laser engraving machines can achieve a very high degree of precision and produce sharp, detailed images to achieve the desired design.

These laser machines work with simple software that connects to the machine via our laptop. We can set the most suitable parameters for the application and the material we want to engrave with the laser. In this way, different types of engravings can be created with the same laser, simply by changing parameters such as the speed and width of the laser beam.

Laser engraving is a versatile system that allows us to work with different materials such as acrylic, wood, vinyl, glass, laminates, leather, methacrylate, cardboard, paper, plastics, among others. It is possible to implement engravings of different shapes and designs such as letters, codes, logos, drawings or shapes.

In the laser engraving sector, we have the CO2 laser engraving machine, which is a compact machine with a number of advantages compared to alternative methods. At LC Lasers we sell and manufacture our own machines, so we guarantee quality and the best results in the different types of laser processes.

Advantages of laser engraving

The speed of the Galvo system can be very high. Engravings are achieved quickly and with high quality. This translates into savings in labour costs and increased productivity.

This equipment works with a simple and easy to use system. They do not require a high level of specialisation, which means that with a simple training of a few hours we can use the machine. These speeds up the production process even more. Fully integrated with a plug and play system and USB connection for easy operation.

Galvo CO2 laser engraving machines, as a general rule, require much less maintenance than laser cutting and engraving machines using computer numerical control (CNC) technology.

These machines generally occupy a smaller volume, they are desktop machines. This means that they are more portable and manoeuvrable, they can be placed in different spaces.

With the laser engraving machine, we can work with a wide variety of materials and apply this technology to different purposes and jobs in different industries. We can take advantage of the full potential of laser technology to improve our production.

The machine has different red pointers that allow us to position the part at the ideal focal distance in a quick way. This saves time and improves the productivity of laser engraving processes.

Accessories and special features can be added depending on the work to be carried out. Some of these accessories can be the rotary or the foot pedal. They serve to enhance the laser engraving experience.

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