LC-WELD SMART SMART Laser welding machine

The SMART version of laser welding equipments.

LC-WELD SMART is the smallest version of our laser welding products with very simple and intuitive software. Part of the LC-WELD range, it is a simpler piece of equipment, but with the same quality as other equipment in the LC laser welding family.

An air cooling system allows us to achieve a small and light equipment. LC-WELD SMART features the same original, LC-designed gun as the PRO model. A totally new gun with the best features to work perfectly with laser welding.

The reduced size of the equipment makes it more manageable, ergonomic and comfortable. The Active Air Cooling (AAC) cooling system is ideal for this equipment, ensuring correct cooling through a gas circuit.

The software, designed by LC, is simpler than the PRO range program, but still offers great advantages and facilities to work efficiently in laser welding and achieve the best results.

It is easy to use equipment, it does not require great experience on the part of the user of the equipment. Laser welding offers us great advantages: saving on work time and costs, without excess input, eliminates the need to polish later and minimal deformation of the piece due to the highly focused heat input.

Parts and features of the smart laser welding machine

Removable feeder

Without the need to use an external system. Winder designed to work at low speeds. It has an electronic board manufactured and designed by LC.

Touch screen

The screen of the LC-WELD Laser welding equipment allows simple and practical management of the machine's parameters, simplifying its options as much as possible without reducing its capabilities. It is organized into different windows within the screen: one for controlling the welding parameters, another for controlling the laser light beam, and another with technical details and the option to change the language.

Ergonomic maneuverable laser gun

The gun or torch that incorporates the LC-WELD Laser welding equipment is the most advanced on the market, providing a variety of options unprecedented in the sector. Compared to other options, it is better in many aspects: the lens protector drawer, the uniformity in the measurement of the nozzles, the threaded fixation of the focal length, and a screen that shows us the parameters of the galvanometer motor make it This system is the most advanced in its category.

Electronics by LC

Electronics designed specifically for this laser welding equipment developed by LC with its own firmware.

Pneumatic wheels with brake

It makes it easier for us to move and transport laser welding equipment on flat terrain. It also has brakes that allow us to immobilize the machine, thus avoiding any type of accidents.

Gun holder

Support to roll up the hose and safely and comfortably leave the laser welding gun.

Interchangeable nozzles and laser cleaning

Equipment with the capacity to perform laser cleaning by exchanging the nozzle. In the same way, it is possible to vary the types of welding jobs by simply exchanging the nozzles.

Solutions of the smart laser welding machine

Stitching of automotive parts

With LC WELD PRO we achieve the best quality and efficiency in our welding work. LC-WELD is DESIGNED and MANUFACTURED by LC. It is the only real 1500 W real laser welding system manufactured in Europe. LC-WELD allows the welder to work faster, easier and much more efficiently than other conventional welding methods. For metalworking industries such as the automotive industry, it is the great solution for saving time and costs, speeding up the welding process of parts and achieving flawless results.

Watertight welds

The high quality of laser welding allows us to obtain totally watertight containers and parts. Laser welding allows us to work both with and without material contribution. This equipment has a high configuration possibility to adapt the equipment to each job.

Stainless steel welding

Laser welding machines are equipped with a fiber laser. This type of equipment allows materials such as stainless steel to be welded quickly and easily.

The result is high quality welds and very good resistance. Welders can work faster and in better conditions, making their work much more efficient.

Welding with filler material

Welding technique with material contribution using an automatic system with integrated wire feeder. We will avoid cracking and improve the weld quality with an aluminium wire. With the right amount of wire and the right speed, we ensure the correct penetration depth, the right weld width and the perfect seam height.

Welding without filler material

The entire welding process is carried out by heating and dilution of the materials involved. This allows us to quickly weld different materials without losing any quality. The result is very satisfactory and we obtain resistant, clean, aesthetic and long-lasting welds.

Welding of cylindrical tubes

Laser welding equipment has a high precision in different welding jobs. It allows us to achieve high quality welds and complete penetration. In this case we weld cylindrical parts with the ease and comfort of laser welding.

Versatility of welding with the same equipment

The same LC WELD equipment allows us to weld different types of materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, among others. They are very versatile machines that can help us to gain efficiency in our production.

Stainless steel on interior and exterior corners

We achieved very good results at high speed. By working with laser welding we can improve the quality of the joints, avoid cracking and the creation of fissures and improve the aesthetics and resistance of the weld. With this type of welding we save time and material, reducing costs and increasing production.

3mm stainless steel without contribution

We weld 3mm STAINLESS STEEL plates without any material input. We can weld in plane, in interior corners, exterior corners, circumferences… and in all these cases achieving maximum penetration and minimum deformation of the material.

Carbon steel 1mm without contribution

It does not require great experience on the part of the welder. Incredible results are achieved at a frenetic pace with very fine weld lines, even on those metals that, with traditional methods such as TIG or MIG, are more difficult to weld.

Advantages of smart laser welding machine

The LC WELD SMART manual laser welding equipment gives us the option of working with or without integrated wire input. It is an easy-to-use equipment that allows us to make very fine welds without losing strength or resistance.

Highly configurable equipment to perform different welding techniques and different materials with the same equipment. Very versatile equipment, we can weld different materials.

Removable winder without the need for a new external system. Improved drag quality with self-made electronic board and original design.

Equipment with a latest generation laser generator with an improved efficiency of 40%.

LC WELD SMART allows us to work different metals with the same machine. We can perform welding on carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, titanium and special alloys.

The LC WELD SMART equipment is the smallest of the LC WELD laser welding range. A more maneuverable and lighter equipment, but with the same quality.

We use a continuous wave (CW) laser that gives better and higher quality results compared to other lasers such as quasi-continuous (QCW). Greater speed, less material deformation and more depth. Laser designed and prepared specifically for laser welding.

Gun with better duty factor for welding such as aluminum.

LC WELD SMART offers us the possibility of working on high-quality welds, very fine beads, complete penetration and without excess addition. We save time on polishing and expenses. With the laser, firm and deep welds are obtained without overheating the material, with much less deformation of the materials, especially those with low thickness.


The screen of the LC WELD SMART is 7'', while the LC WELD PRO has a 10'' screen. This touch screen offers the possibility of easily navigating the different functionalities of the equipment and configuring the machine for laser welding work in a simple and intuitive way.

Video tutorials

The software integrated into the LC WELD PRO has the possibility of resolving doubts from the workplace, the same machine has integrated video tutorials. LC WELD SMART does not offer this feature.

Cooling system

One of the main differences between the two devices is cooling. LC WELD SMART has the Active Air Cooling system, ideal for this type of equipment, ensuring its correct cooling through a gas circuit. The cooling of LC WELD PRO is done through water.

Laser gun

Both teams have the same laser welding gun designed and manufactured by LC. A totally original welding system that allows us to work efficiently and versatilely, with the most advanced galvanometric motors. This gun also has a better duty factor for complex welds such as aluminum.

Cost control

The main differences between the two devices are found in the software. LC WELD PRO has a complex statistics system to calculate work costs in different aspects. In this case, LC WELD SMART does not include this functionality.

Equipment and feeder size

At first glance it is the main difference. LC WELD SMART measures 900x500x870mm and LC WELD PRO 970X450X1100mm. They both have the same feeder.

User and job control

In the LC WELD PRO we can create different levels of users to assign the level of access they have or facilitate the work so that each user has saved parameters. In the same way, the PRO equipment allows us to configure pending jobs, assign them to groups of users and have exhaustive control of the time spent and costs on each job.

The LC WELD SMART manual laser welding equipment gives us the option of working with or without integrated wire input. It is an easy-to-use equipment that allows us to make very fine welds without losing strength or resistance.

Highly configurable equipment to perform different welding techniques and different materials with the same equipment. Very versatile equipment, we can weld different materials.

Stainless steelYes
Galvanised steelYes
Carbon SteelYes

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