At LC Lasers we are committed to offering safe and functional solutions for all users. Our laser products follow all the European regulations established to guarantee a safe work. 

Within laser solutions there are a variety of risks, mostly related to laser diffusion. These risks result from the interaction between the beam and biological tissues (eye and skin) on the one hand, and materials (fire, etc.) on the other hand. The risk can come from a direct or reflected beam on a polished or scattered surface.

It is important to know the mandatory safety measures regarding the use of the equipment and the use of personal protective equipment established in the equipment's use and safety manual. In the same way, it is important to follow all recommendations and warnings to the letter. In this way we will be able to use the laser equipment correctly and without any problem.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

At LC we know the importance of safety against laser emission, that's why we have our own personal protective equipment (PPE). With a rigorous quality control, our PPE has the required level of laser safety according to the regulations.

PPE is mandatory. Each one of them must be used correctly. Our priority will always be the operator. The user of the laser welding machine is obliged to use the indicated PPE for the intended use of the machine.

Personal protective eyewear

LC protective eyewear is CE certified according to European standards. They provide the required eye protection against laser radiation. It is important that the goggles used protect for the wavelength emitted by the laser used.


It is important to use gloves when working with laser equipment. They are gloves with a good resistance to the heat generated by laser activities. They have a comfortable inner lining for the user.

Protective screen against ultraviolet light

In case of laser welding works with a grade 3 according to regulations. It is MANDATORY to use an autogenous welding or oxy-fuel welding type protection screen.

Flame resistant work clothing

This clothing is designed to protect the wearer's body.  These garments are designed to protect the wearer's body, including hoods, aprons, sleeves, and gaiters and excluding the hands.

MASTR Laser welding hemlet

The Univet “MASTR” laser welding helmet is specifically designed to protect against the scattered and diffused light generated during welding processes performed with hand-held laser systems emitting in the near infrared.

Safety labels

Safety labels are located on the equipment in such a way that they are easy to locate. They have clear information on the different risks or types of radiation that operators are exposed to and their respective recommendations.

These safety labels are used for proper signage to indicate the presence of a laser and its risk level. They include the "laser risk" pictogram.

The labels can be supplemented with warning lights or acoustic signal emissions to warn of the activation of a laser in the room. The meaning of each color of the display panel should be specified and it is advisable to harmonize it for the whole unit.

Operator training

The regulations require that workers exposed to risks of artificial optical radiation receive information and training, especially workers using class 3B and class 4 laser products. This is specific theoretical and practical training appropriate to their activities.

The instruction manual is mandatory reading and of great importance to have at hand all the safety information and use of the equipment and that all users of the equipment and around it, know the safety measures.

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