Laser cleaning

A really versatile application, it allows us to restore old pieces, carry out deep cleaning or remove coatings.

Laser cleaning is the latest technology in the industrial cleaning sector. It allows us to clean and remove impurities from a surface such as rust, paint, grease, among others. Laser cleaning technology works in such a way that a beam generated by a laser source is communicated through a fibre optic cable to a mirror system (or mirror) that transmits the laser with the desired shape and configuration to the outside. By absorbing the energy of the laser beam, the target material is heated very quickly, thereby evaporating or sublimating impurities.

Laser cleaning is a revolutionary alternative to shot blasting, dry ice blasting or sand blasting. It is an environmentally efficient and ecological method, as it does not require any contaminants or abrasives that can damage the base surface. It is important to note that as the substrate does not absorb energy, the material is not damaged and only impurities or dirt are removed. This keeps the substrate intact.

By manipulating the laser flux, its wavelength and pulse length, the amount of material removed by a single laser pulse can be controlled with extreme precision, if desired. Laser cleaning can be equally suitable for fast, deep rust removal as it is for removing only a thin layer of paint, without damaging the base coat. These parameters can be set on most laser cleaning machines to suit the job. It is a non-contact process, fast, safe and with the possibility to work layer by layer.

This cleaning technique is suitable for many types of work due to its great versatility and different possible applications. It is suitable for jobs such as cleaning welds, preparing materials to be welded, removing coatings, cleaning rusted metals, cleaning paint, removing corrosion, cleaning engine oils and grease, among many other options.

At LC Lasers we manufacture and sell the latest range of laser cleaning equipment, offering the best results in amazing time intervals. The following machines are equipped with the latest in laser technology, each offering cleaning according to your needs.

Advantages of laser cleaning

In addition to being able to choose between different powers with the same equipment, it allows us to extract a wide range of dirt such as: grease, oil, rust, accumulated food debris, coatings, among other impurities. This allows precise and fast cleaning without damaging the substrate.

It is an environmentally friendly process. In other words, laser cleaning does not use chemical products or substances that are harmful to the environment and does not produce excess waste.

The laser cleaning system allows us to save time and money, it is a faster process than other cleaning methods, which translates into a significant saving of working hours. In addition, the equipment generally does not require excessive maintenance.

As a non-contact process, there is no need to replace consumables and laser cleaning generates low maintenance costs for your production line. For these reasons, it is a cost-effective solution, as maintenance costs are low.

Laser cleaning equipment is easy to operate and allows high manoeuvrability. We do not need a large space or a very specific space to work in. In fact, they can be carried in different areas to carry out the work.

Laser cleaning is a simple method, with easy and comfortable operation for the operator, which does not require a high level of specialisation. With basic training we can put the cleaning machine into operation.

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