Laser marking

With laser marking equipment, we can work on a wide range of materials and surfaces. We can achieve deep markings with a high level of detail.

Laser marking offers the possibility of permanent marking with a high level of precision and speed. The fibre laser beam is lightly incident on the surface of a material, removing part of it, thus making the desired mark.

By means of a simple configuration, we can edit the parameters of the laser beam to work with different types of marks. Laser marking is very versatile, we have different marking options of different shades and depths. We can mark codes, geometries, expiry dates, data matrix, logos, our own designs, drawings, words, among other options. This system allows for fast and high quality finishes with complex details.

We can make clear marks on different materials, among the most common are stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised steel, carbon steel, hard plastics, glass, among other surfaces. Achieving different finishes depending on the procedure and the configuration we perform.

Laser marking machines are designed for laser marking and engraving, but depending on the material and thickness they can even cut.

Advantages of laser marking

The marking speed can be very high, in the order of 8000 mm/s linear engraving or even higher. Parts can be marked in a matter of seconds or milliseconds. For some applications, the speed at which this equipment can be used is very interesting.

It is a very versatile technology and can be applied to many different industries. In addition to being able to choose between different powers with the same equipment, it allows us to make different types of markings of different sizes and shapes. On a wide range of surfaces and materials.

It is an environmentally friendly process. We avoid using glues and inks to mark and implement designs and codes. These products are harmful to the health of the environment.

Laser marking equipment, as a general rule, requires much less maintenance than laser cutting and engraving equipment using computer numerical control (CNC) technology. When working with equipment such as the LC-FIBER, maintenance becomes more of a secondary problem, as this equipment is characterised by its high quality and long service life.

These devices generally occupy a smaller volume. This means that they are more portable and manoeuvrable and we can even take the head with us and mark in more complex places that would be impossible to reach with a CNC system. Equipment with everything integrated to work easily.

The laser marking equipment has a Plug and Play system and EzCad Laser Software that is easy to work with and learn to use.

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