LC-WELD PRO Laser Welding Machine PRO

The true revolution in laser welding.

LC WELD PRO is the latest generation of LC laser welding equipment. The LC WELD PRO laser welding machine is equipped with a gun designed exclusively by LC, ergonomic and comfortable for long working hours.  This model has a new 40% more efficient laser generator, which allows us to save energy and work more efficiently. LC WELD PRO has a new software system specifically designed for laser welding.

Laser welding allows working at high speed, making quality welds very quickly. The deformation of the material is minimal, as the heat input is very localized and reduced.

A completely new software allows us to work with user control at different levels, it has 3 work functionalities to adapt to each user, a technical help system in the same equipment and the possibility of controlling welding costs and obtaining statistics. The equipment can work with or without material input.

It is easy to use and does not require a great deal of experience on the part of the user. Other advantages we would highlight of laser welding: the possibility of working on small, detailed seams, eliminating the need for later polishing and minimal heat input.

Welding Machine LC_WELD_PRO 1Welding Machine LC_WELD_PRO 2Welding Machine LC_WELD_PRO 3Welding Machine LC_WELD PRO_4
Welding Machine LC_WELD_PRO 1Welding Machine LC_WELD_PRO 2Welding Machine LC_WELD_PRO 3Welding Machine LC_WELD PRO_4

Parts and features of the laser welding machine pro

1. Touch screen:

A single touch screen to control the wire feeder and laser equipment. Software specifically designed for laser welding with 4.0 technology, remote control, job programming and the ability to save parameters and jobs.

2. Removable winder

Removable winder without the need of an external system. This winder is designed to work at low speeds, improving the performance of laser welding to obtain perfect results. It has an electronic board manufactured by LC.

3. Encoder motor and improved drag quality

Encoder motor of European manufacture. Winding machine adapted to laser welding.

4. Pneumatic wheels with brakes:

It facilitates the movement and transport of the laser welding equipment on flat terrain. It also has brakes that allow us to immobilize the machine.

5. Laser quality

The laser resonator produces the laser beam, which is directed to the pistol by means of a flex with a fiber optic cable.

6. In-house electronics

LC-designed electronics with proprietary firmware

8. Improved running factor

Improved run factor for welding aluminum with material contribution efficiently and for a longer time.

9. Interchangeable nozzles depending on the job

The nozzles are copper fixtures that are used as tools and positioners for different types of welding. There are different types of nozzles, which can also be classified if they are for welding with or without fiber wire contribution.

10. Original LC design welding pistol

Galvanometric motors manufactured in the USA. Original LC design.

11. Laser cleaning option

With a nozzle exchange it is possible to work with laser cleaning with the same equipment. With this option we can clean welds.

Solutions of the laser welding machine pro

Stitching of automotive parts

With LC WELD PRO we achieve the best quality and efficiency in our welding work. LC-WELD is DESIGNED and MANUFACTURED by LC. It is the only real 1500 W real laser welding system manufactured in Europe. LC-WELD allows the welder to work faster, easier and much more efficiently than other conventional welding methods. For metalworking industries such as the automotive industry, it is the great solution for saving time and costs, speeding up the welding process of parts and achieving flawless results.

Watertight welds

The high quality of laser welding allows us to obtain totally watertight containers and parts. Laser welding allows us to work both with and without material contribution. This equipment has a high configuration possibility to adapt the equipment to each job.

Stainless steel welding

Laser welding machines are equipped with a fiber laser. This type of equipment allows materials such as stainless steel to be welded quickly and easily.

The result is high quality welds and very good resistance. Welders can work faster and in better conditions, making their work much more efficient.

Welding with filler material

Welding technique with material contribution using an automatic system with integrated wire feeder. We will avoid cracking and improve the weld quality with an aluminium wire. With the right amount of wire and the right speed, we ensure the correct penetration depth, the right weld width and the perfect seam height.

Welding without filler material

The entire welding process is carried out by heating and dilution of the materials involved. This allows us to quickly weld different materials without losing any quality. The result is very satisfactory and we obtain resistant, clean, aesthetic and long-lasting welds.

Welding of cylindrical tubes

Laser welding equipment has a high precision in different welding jobs. It allows us to achieve high quality welds and complete penetration. In this case we weld cylindrical parts with the ease and comfort of laser welding.

Versatility of welding with the same equipment

The same LC WELD equipment allows us to weld different types of materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, among others. They are very versatile machines that can help us to gain efficiency in our production.

Stainless steel on interior and exterior corners

We achieved very good results at high speed. By working with laser welding we can improve the quality of the joints, avoid cracking and the creation of fissures and improve the aesthetics and resistance of the weld. With this type of welding we save time and material, reducing costs and increasing production.

3mm stainless steel without contribution

Soldamos placas de ACERO INOXIDABLE de 3mm sin aportación de material. Podemos soldar en plano, en esquinas interiores, esquinas exteriores, circunferencias… y en todos esos casos consiguiendo la máxima penetración y la mínima deformación del material.

Carbon steel 1mm without contribution

It does not require great experience on the part of the welder. Incredible results are achieved at a frenetic pace with very fine weld lines, even on those metals that, with traditional methods such as TIG or MIG, are more difficult to weld.

Advantages of laser welding machine pro

Option of cleaning welds with the same laser equipment by exchanging the nozzle.

Our machines integrate a type of laser that is specially designed for welding. In the variety of lasers that exist, LC knows which type of laser is best suited to the needs of our customers in the welding sector, so that we can guarantee the best quality in each job.

Removable wire feeder without the need for a new external system. Improved wire feeding quality. Feeder designed to work at low speeds and improve the performance of laser welding. Feeder motor with encoder.

Electronics developed by LC with its own firmware.

Own software developed by LC with different functionalities for laser welding: cost control, variety of configuration, videos and documentation in the same equipment, user management, among other options.

Own design with improved ergonomics. Improved running factor in aluminium. Incorporates indicator light when the laser is in emission.

Intuitive and simple interface

Complete menu with simple and intuitive interface, easy navigation between functionalities.

User control

LC WELD PRO allows us to establish different levels of users with different permissions, to adapt the work to each user.

Jobs and pending jobs configuration

Possibility of scheduling pending jobs and assigning them to user groups. We can obtain specific statistics for each job and team.

Saves parameters according to the job to be carried out

In the BASIC job, the equipment has parameters configured for different types of materials and thicknesses, but through ADVANCED we can save the parameters we want and create job profiles to recover them when necessary.

Two working levels: BASIC and ADVANCED

Depending on the user and our configuration, we can access two types of work when welding. BASIC work is based on parameters incorporated in the machine itself. The ADVANCED job allows us to configure the parameters with total freedom and save them if necessary.

Video tutorials on the machine itself

The LC WELD machine includes video tutorials and documentation to answer questions quickly from the menu.

The manual laser welding equipment gives us the option of working with or without integrated wire input. It is easy to use and allows us to make very fine welds without losing strength or resistance.

This equipment is highly configurable to carry out different welding techniques and different materials with the same equipment. Very versatile equipment, we can weld different materials.

Stainless steel Yes
Galvanised steel Yes
Aluminium Yes
Titanium Yes
Carbon steel Yes

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